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Who we are

Olive Knight,

A Transformational Life Coach

Olive’s mission in life is to build up and support the creative talents she believes reside in each person. She has uniquely crafted retreats for women and youth, cruises for groups, and events; and has experience with newsletter production, editing & proofreading, and writing. Olive is a Mentor Coach Trainer with Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching Institute, holds a Masters in Library Science and was a Branch Librarian with the Boston Public Library system. In 2009, she was an advisor to playwright/producer Debbie Sage, in a sold-old production of her play, "The Singer's Confession". Olive was born in Jamaica. Her hobbies are reading and watching SciFi.



Alphonse Knight, Consultant

Alphonse spent his early years figuring out how to do the impossible with nothing. As a youth he was known for his experimentations with electricity and electronics on his island home in Nevis, West Indies. As an adult, Alphonse continues to create – transforming the raw talent of human voices into mature ministers of the gospel. He is a consultant to Christians in the arts, an electronics technician, singer, and soundman.

Knight Productions

Together, Alphonse & Olive are always ready to give a listening ear or an encouraging word to anyone involved in Christian Arts & Entertainment. They support Christian artists in the Boston area through consulting and coaching.

For over 25 years they were managers for The Morgan Sisters, recording artists who were very well-known in the New England area and beyond.

They are founders of The Vibe Coffeehouse.



Alphonse and Olive have 2 children:

Michael ( is married to Karlene (minister,  educator and author) and has 3 children – Duane, Suné and Michaela; and

Amber P, is a podcaster of Black Chick Watching, and a talented performer who produces her own one-woman shows.

Alphonse and Olive Knight


Alphonse & Olive Knight

Our Core Values:​

  • Creativity: We admire creativity in others and try to be creative in our approach when working with others.

  • Spiritual Growth: We strongly believe that each person is called to live a balanced, healthy life.  And foremost to have a relationship with Christ and personal growth (physical, emotional, spiritual).

  • Servanthood: Our desire is to serve and invest in others.  We treat everyone-no matter his or her position in life-as we would want to be treated.  We inspire others to reach their fullest potential.

  • Inspiration: Our desire is to inspire others by presenting a positive attitude as we work together to achieve your goals.

  • Value Others: We help others recognize their value in Christ.  Our goal is to make everyone we come in contact with “feel important.”

  • Excellence: Knight Productions provides premier customer service, products, services, and events. We strive to do what is right. In every decision, we follow the principle in 1 Corinthians – “Do all to the glory of God.”

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