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Olive Knight, Christian Life Coach, Boston, MA



​“I know the plans I have for you…”


Dear Awesome Woman of God,


I have listened to you speak from your heart. God is calling you to move up to a higher level with your God-given passion, talent or skill.


As you anxiously begin your move towards your purpose and destiny you are stressed, you doubt your calling, and you’re not sure about taking that next step.


Do you hear yourself in these questions?

  • Am I on the right track?

  • I’m not ready! Do I need more training or certification?

  • Where should my focus be now?

  • How do I more effectively serve the people I am called to serve?

  • Can I make money with my passion and talent?


You are in the process of transformation. It’s exciting but also nerve racking!


I am here to walk with you through finding answers and to support and encourage you on your journey.


My transformational life coaching is based on a biblical foundation, identifying who you are in Christ, and practical steps to move you forward on the path God is showing you.  


You will end up with:

  • Clarity on what you need to focus on

  • A deeper self-awareness and self-confidence

  • A game plan to follow to excel and succeed as you grow your business or ministry

  • Shave months off your time by eliminating trial and error


Take the first step.

Set up a complimentary Get Acquainted Call with me. Book your time here.



Transformational Life Coach





  • 1 60-minute video session to kick off

  • Two 45-minute coaching video calls per month for clarity, direction, getting over obstacles, accountability and goal setting

  • Once a week emails for motivational and accountability check-ins

  • Access to me by text or email at any time with 48-hour response

  • Some topics included:

    • what is your identity

    • What are your values

    • What are your resources

    • What do you really believe

    • Developing new habits

    • Your next step

  • Personality and spiritual gifts tests -- helps with focus and direction


  • Online membership group

  • Group gathering once a quarter

  • Attend vision board workshops -- option to attend any Vision workshops in the metro Boston area within 12 months of signup

  • Discount to attend Envision Your Life events (workshops, retreats and gatherings) within 12 months of signup

  • eBook: Always: Inspirational Thoughts and Scriptures to Discover Your Value

  • A set of boxed cards: Envision Your Life, Stress Free Living -- 36 tips to relieve stress


3 months: $1500 for 3 months, paid in full

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $500 each

6 months: @2750, paid in full

Payment Plan: $500 first payment, plus 5 payments of $450 each





Do you have a desire to experience a clear understanding of your God-given purpose and how to achieve it?


  • I often wonder if I am on the right track in my life?

  • What is God’s purpose for my life?


For: a woman who feels a need to serve but not sure in what direction to go. You have a passion, talent or skill but you are not using it to your full potential. You are pulled in different directions by people telling you what to do.


I help you...

  • Get a handle on where you are at the present

  • clarify your mission, passion and goals

  • focus on where you want to go in the future

  • find ways to get from here to your calling


Go to the source. Get strategy to structure your day to prioritize time to meet with God who has the plans for you.


What you get:

  • 1 45-minute video call session to kick off  -- week 1

  • Two 45-minute VIDEO coaching calls -- for clarity, direction, getting over obstacles, accountability and goal setting -- weeks 2 & 3

  • One 45-minute wrap up video call -- week 4

  • Email check-ins at least once a week --

  • Personality and spiritual gifts tests

  • Customized Resource lists or worksheets


  • Group gathering once a quarter

  • Online private member group

  • Discounts on various Envision Your Life events (retreats, workshops, gatherings)

  • eBook: Always: Inspirational Thoughts and Scriptures to Discover Your Value


1 month: $500 





For those starting a business or ministry


  • Assessments of: website, Facebook page, or other social media

  • Two 45-minute video workshops:

    • Mailing Lists

      • How to set up mailing list

      • how to work with MailChimp or other communication program

    • Your Brand

      • how to maintain your social media presence

      • how to market your brand

  • Resource pack includes:

    • worksheet on setting up your database

    • worksheet on setting up your MailChimp account

    • worksheet on setting up your blog

    • worksheet on social media


($300 if added on to coaching package)





with Alphonse Knight

visit to studio with breakdown of costs

preparing for recording

finding your genre

coordinating the recording

(recording, mastering, duplication fees not included)




with Olive Knight

tailoring your book to your group

applying for copyright and other documentation


editing, printing, formatting referrals

(Cost for editing, book printing, formatting, & document fees not included)


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