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Mothers and Vision Boards

Why should mothers attend a vision board workshop? Why not? You are the go to person for everyone in the household. You hold and support their dreams, their visions, their goals. You keep them accountable. They cry on your shoulder when they fail. You dust them off and encourage them to get up and go on. What about your goals and dreams? When last have you taken a whole day to focus on what you would like to do? Do you have a vision of how you would like the design of your home to look? Do you have an idea of where you see yourself helping in your church? Have you always wanted to work from home doing something you love? This is your time. Take the day to yourself. Clarify your passion. Next time you are asked, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” Your answer is, “A day for me.” Tell them to sign you up at the Envision Your Life Vision Board Workshop, a full day immersion to focus on your purpose, your passion and your mission. It's on Saturday, May 12th in Newton, MA. Register here If you are not a mother, you may have the same need to clarify your dreams and goals. Would you like to join me? Your Purpose is calling you. (Do you really want to ignore it?) Blessings, Olive Knight

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