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What People Are Saying 

about the Vision Board Workshops

This workshop helped me to envision my goals dreams future. i still have my Vision Board on my wall clarifying what is important to me. BPM

The Vision Board workshop was a transformational experience. It helped me clarify my goals and direction for the year. Feel free to connect with me for more info if you are interested. LR

The envision board, helps you to see where your heart is and help you to understand the importance of the beaut of life at it's fullest, by starting with a little of soul searching, trusting God to it's fullest and  allow him  (God ) to help you to manage what he's bringing and doing in you. BT 

Thank you Olive. It was fun and very meaningful. I am looking for a frame for my vision board so I may hang it nicely by my bed. BM

I was going to say nothing significant had really happened because I’m kind of at a dead end job where it feels like there’s not much respect given to me. However, I’ve been putting myself out there when I do promotional videos for the Vibe through skits. I’m also going to be doing a piece from my "Pieces of me" poetry book where I have written several poems... 15 pieces or more. Plus I will be putting myself out of my comfort zone again to dance. So you can say that I’m blooming where I’m placed :) / or planted. ME

Praise God for his Goodness and Strength (Psalm 118)
“Dream big” I just bought a new car! I love my board – It says a lot about who I am -- I love to give and receive. Looking at my board every morning is helping to bring changes into my world. After the workshop I realize I need clear goals and visions (me, me, me..) JK

Well I have thinking and trying to see where the breakthrough has happened in my life and the more I look the more I feel like nothing has happened. I feel a lot more depress,  frustrated and a disconnect. I asked myself why can't I see the positives, what's wrong with me, I don't get it or understand but I am searching and looking because I know they are there. So here are some highlights of what I have been doing.
1. I started the baby blankets 
2. I have put in jobs applications
3. I am struggling but working on the plays, which I need to speak to a group this coming weekend to set up time to produce it.
4. My spiritual life is a work in progress, I am doing a little better. 
5. Working on my health.
These are some of the things I am currently working on. I am pushing my way despite how I feel. DS

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